Friday, April 10, 2009

'Chuck' and 'Life' could get the ax

"Chuck" is one of Kristi's favorite shows (and I enjoy it, too).

"Life" is one of my favorite shows (and Kristi enjoys it, too).

Now the two shows could be dropped by NBC.

Television Without Pity offered these reasons for keeping the two shows on the air.

In short, this show is clever, all-around fun, with a great cast, stellar writing and lots and lots of heart. And Chuck and Sarah may be the TV couple we most enjoy seeing almost hook up, but not quite. Save that for season five or six.

Charlie Crews, the fruit-loving L.A. detective with a Zen attitude, has become one of our favorite TV cops ever in just under two years, thanks to Damian Lewis' deceptively placid, quirky charisma. This season, the weekly cases got more creative, the supporting cast got stronger (partly due to the addition of Donal Logue and Gabrielle Union) and the underlying conspiracy plot got twistier.

And let's face it -- Sarah Shahi on "Life" and Yvonne Strahovski on "Chuck" are HOT.

See the rest of the Television Without Pity list via the Yahoo! TV blog here.

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