Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fitting the occasion

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Genius. Absolutely Brilliant.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't miss tomorrow's edition of the Weekly Surge!

In tomorrow's edition of the Weekly Surge, I have an interview with Timmy Parrott, store operator at Piggly Wiggly in The Market Common.

Parrott tells the story behind (arguably) the best grocery store beer section on the Grand Strand.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Abiding Images

An abiding image is a lingering picture in your head.

I'm simply jotting down these thoughts related to teaching poetry to freshmen.

A friend recently told me that older movies would show the same image for 10 seconds -- or did he say more than that?

By way of contrast, he said, today's films project images for a far briefer period of time.

The point?

I think poems are much like those older films. Poems can hold and examine images, and add new layers of meaning to images as well.

Jeanne Murray Walker once said that the point of poetry is to help us slow down.

Poems can help us drink in the abiding images and add some new meaning to the world around us.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fiesta Del Burro Loco -- translated

The Crazy Ass Party.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now THAT is a bottle of wine

Giant Bottle Of Bordeaux Wine Set To Be Auctioned At Sothebys

LONDON, ENGLAND - A gallery assistant for Sotheby's auction house admires a melchior of Chateau Cheval Blanc 2006 alongside a standard sized bottle on February 12, 2010 in London, England. The melchior sized bottle, which is 18 litres in volume, is to be sold in Sotheby's sale of 'Finest and Rarest Wines & Vintage Port' on February 17, 2010 in London and is expected to fetch up to 4,800 GBP. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Content © 2010 Getty Images All rights reserved.Retrieved via PicApp.

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Brainstorming 'Hamlet' questions for ENGL 102

I'm wondering what questions will connect with my students.

1. Had Hamlet and Ophelia already hooked up when Polonius prohibited their relationship?

2. Is Hamlet hallucinating, or has he seen a ghost (the spirit of a dead person), or is he being fooled by a demon?

3. Is Hamlet mad, faking it, upset but still basically normal, or what?

4. Why did Kate Winslet, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, and so many others think it was worthwhile to be in Kenneth Branagh's film version of Hamlet?

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