Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Myrtle Beach Moment, No. 8

The managers of Barefoot Landing are concerned about high-heel shoes.

Barefoot Landing is a shopping-dining-entertainment complex on the southern-most end of North Myrtle Beach. Many of the shops and restaurants are connected by a massive boardwalk, or maybe more like a giant, sprawling deck.

Apparently, someone was concerned that the back end of high-heel shoes might get stuck in the cracks between the wood planks, but the way the warning was worded doesn't seem to have come off with quite the same meaning.

Engraved on steps near the Christmas Mouse shop, the warning reads:

"High Heels May Cause Injury."

The first image in my mind: An angry woman beating me with the sharp end of a stiletto heel.

The second image in my mind: An extremely attractive woman in high heels.

Either way, I whole-heartedly agree: high heels may cause injury.

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