Friday, July 6, 2007

Crisis at Starbucks locations in Myrtle Beach

I've got the credentials to slam the espresso at the Starbucks locations in my area.

I owned and operated a coffeehouse for three years, and during that time, we timed shots on our La Cimbali espresso machine, and adjusted the grind throughout the day.

Also during that time, I received my Intermediate Barrista certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association of America -- which, all giggles aside, is nothing like advanced french-fry training.

So there.

A properly made espresso will have nutmeg-colored crema on top. A little spoonful of sugar will take three seconds to slip through the crema.

Not so at two Myrtle Beach Starbucks locations.

The espressos I have ordered at the two Ocean Boulevard locations came with a pallid crema on top, and the sugar endured a terrifying free-fall into the bottom of my cup.

Starbucks has to get this right, or their world-domination campaign must be stopped.

Otherwise, the goodness, beauty, and truth of espresso will be lost.

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