Monday, June 11, 2012

Beer related gifts for Fathers Day

My three girls will be at camp on Father's Day -- or is it Fathers Day -- but they know me well enough that they probably would get me a beer related gift.

Proper beer related Father's Day gifts come in three categories:

1. Good craft beer or imported beer gifts: For Fathers Day, a gift beer should be one of those that comes a big, champagne-style bottle, or in a "growler" (64-ounce jug) from a microbrewery or brewpub. If your dad likes beer, he'll get a big smile on his face with this one on Fathers Day.

2. Beer merchandise gifts: You know, the neon sign with a beer logo. Or old signage. Or maybe one of those 3D-style displays we used to see at bars (a friend of mine has an old Pabst Blue Ribbon sign that lights up, and a beer delivery car slowly bounces up and down like its heading down the road). Maybe a t-shirt from a good brewery or brewpub. Click here for some other fun and funny ideas.

3. Beer for foodies: These Fathers Day gifts could be guide books or cook books related to beer. These could be books like The Naked Pint, Extreme Brewing, Great Beer Guide, and, if he's ready for a new hobby, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing (click the link for quick access to those books). This is the ideal Fathers Day gift for those dads who love cooking, or love learning more about the brewing process, or love beer and food pairings, or love the history of the brewing art form.

To all the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!

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