Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How 'bout some boozy whipped cream, baby?

Whipped Lightning is "the world's first alcohol-infused whipped cream."

Here's what Paste Magazine's Daily Awesome recently said about Whipped Lightning:

It comes in nine flavors, to boot, including German chocolate, caramel pecan, hazelnut espresso and strawberry colada.

Although the website stresses the perfect union of their Whipahol cream with cocktails, shooters and other drinks — we here at Paste think it’d taste dreamiest paired with today’s pumpkin pie.

Read the full post here.
You know, at the departed Living Room Coffee Bar & Used Book Store, I used to make myself "Poor Man's Sundaes." I took a soup-bowl sized coffee cup; I filled it with whipped cream; I drizzled chocolate syrup on top. OK, I dumped chocolate syrup on top. 
Can you imagine what a Poor Man's Sundae would be like with Whipped Lightning?

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