Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dunkin' Donuts on U.S. 501: If you ask for the combo, be very specific about the temperature of the coffee

After waiting at least 5 minutes that feel like 15 in a three-person line at the Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins on U.S. 501, where four people are behind the counter, I ask for the Turkey, Cheddar, & Bacon flat bread combo with coffee.

The sign says, Anytime Combos, with small iced tea or iced coffee, $5.39.

I asked for the combo with coffee. I didn't say "iced." She doesn't ask me for clarification.

She says she needs to check if they have any Turkey, Cheddar, & Bacon

About three minutes later, she returns to say they have Ham & Swiss or Three Cheese ("Grilled" on the sign, actually) flat bread available.

She doesn't say they are out of Turkey, Cheddar, & Bacon. She says they have Ham & Swiss or Three Cheese ("Grilled" on the sign).

I say Ham & Swiss.

She gets my coffee, a hot coffee.

I still think I'm getting the combo for $5.39.

Another three minutes. My food is brought to the counter and placed in a brown paper bag.

She rings me up for $3.99 plus $1.69 for the coffee: $5.68, plus 60 cents for our politicians to play with, bringing the total to $6.28.

I look confused. The combo price is $5.39. I point out that the combo says it comes with a small iced tea or iced coffee. She says the coffee doesn't equal an iced tea.

She doesn't mention, as the sign does, iced coffee, which might stand a chance of being equal to a hot coffee. She just mentions iced tea.

Had she told me that hot coffee costs more when I order the combo? No.

I point out that I ordered the combo. She gives me the receipt and tells me I can look at how the price is broken down.

I ignore the tip jar.

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