Sunday, December 16, 2007

NBC's 'Life'

Here's what L.A. Times TV critic Mary McNamara said about NBC's 'Life':

NBC's new show about Charlie Crews, a cop sprung after 12 years in the pen for a frame job, is the best new show of the season. Balancing Zen and vengeful rage, Crews (Damian Lewis) is the most interesting quirky cop since Columbo.

I couldn't say it better and briefer than McNamara, but I'll add a paragraph of my own:

I'm drawn to this show because Damian Lewis does a thoroughly convincing job of portraying a peculiar character who (1) genuinely appreciates every little thing in life following his time in prison, and (2) seeks a religio-philosophical path to balance a barely visible but driving anger.

Ratings haven't been great, but there's good news.

"The action-fantasy 'Chuck' and the crime drama 'Life' have both received full-season orders, despite less-than-stellar ratings," reported the Contra Costa Times.

Give the ratings a bump. Catch up at and then tune in when the holidays -- and hopefully the writers' strike -- are over.

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