Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guinness is good for you -- even better than Snapple

I found the nutritional breakdown of several beverages in a magazine back in April. Compare and see why Guinness is, indeed, good for you. At least better than many no-alcohol options.
(1 pint, or 16 oz.)
168 calories
13.3 grams of carbs
10.7 grams of sugars
Snapple Fruit Punch
(16-oz. bottle)
220 calories
58 grams of carbs
54 grams of sugars
Naked Juice Blue Machine Superfood
(15.2-oz. bottle)
319 calories
77 grams of carbs
54 grams of sugars
Rockstar Energy Drink
(16-oz. can)
260 calories
62 grams of carbs
60 grams of sugars
Mountain Dew
(12-oz. can)
170 calories
46 grams of carbs
46 grams of sugars
The moral? When taking your health into consideration, drink Guinness.

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