Thursday, April 12, 2007

Update on beer bill, or bills

A staffer in the office of S.C. Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Richland) has helped clear up the beer-bill procedures.

The bill would allow, in South Carolina, the sale of beer with as much as 14 percent alcohol by weight. Currently the law limits commercially produced and sold beer to 5 percent.

For starters, there are two bills in the S.C. House that argue for the increase, and both will be debated next week before the full House. Both bills are officially out of committee, the staffer told me.

House Bill 3218, which originally only addressed another matter related to importing beer, picked up the alcohol-increase language while it was getting a look-over from the S.C. Senate (folks in the Senate added more to the bill). It has returned to the House for debate. That debate will be held Wednesday (April 18), and a vote could follow.

House Bill 3624 was the original House bill; it addressed only the alcohol-increase in beers. It will be debated, and possibly put up for a vote, this Tuesday (April 17).

The two bills will most likely, eventually, be wedded into a single bill.

Read House Bill 3218 here:

Read House Bill 3624 here:

-Colin Burch

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